Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was so much fun. To begin, I had my husband home for 48 hours and I was not working. A huge blessing all around. Saturday morning we packed up the kids and headed down for a 6.5 mile run along the greenbelt. After our workout and hanging out with our children, Dave and I picked up our babysitter and headed out to help a friend celebrate her new marriage. Yeah!
I love weddings. They are magnificent. With the divorce rate sky rocketing in this country, I am a huge believer that every wedding I witness is one closer to being that relationship that God wants us to encounter. God had a specific role and design tation.plan in mind when it came to marriage - the one sacred relationship. I love being married and I now wish that for my friend Tracy.
So I thought I would share a few photos from the momentous day. Most of the pictures are of Dave and I getting crazy with the camera - but I really did end up taking some of Tracy and Jeff as well. I just was so crazy happy and love on Saturday night, I wanted to document it. Plus, it has seemed like forever that we had a babysitter and actually went out for more than 2 hours - so that in and of itself deserved documentation.


Lisa said...

Oh, what a happy couple!!! You guys look great and definately make a perfect pair. What God intented for all of us to find in a marriage.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You and Dave are such an adorable couple! You look great btw!

The Fengs