Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day Of Fun

Today after church, the girls and I packed up and headed over to the beach to meet daddy for his work picnic. It was a perfect day - 90's with a nice breeze. The girls have been looking forward to "da beach" for quite some time now. I couldn't wait to take them out.

Despite missing their nap, my babies were great. They played, splashed, ate, mingled, and made sand castles until they were literally on their last leg. We all got a whopping dose of Vitamin D and enjoyed a fantastic BBQ. Needless to say, bedtime took only about 5 minutes tonight. They are sleeping soundly.

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Kim said...

And no one ran out of sight--that's a relief! Glad to hear the picnic was a blast and your worrying was for nothing. Looks like a beautiful day!