Monday, July 6, 2009

Back To The Pool

With only a week off, the girls (and mommy this time) are back in the water for yet another round of swimming lessons. Feeling bad because Paloma has just been too young to participate (most activities require you to be at least 3 years old), I decided I would suck it up, put on a swimsuit (in public) and head into the water to take Paloma to swimming lessons. She was so excited this morning.
Mattea has rejoined and continues in her 'Super Pike' class. She is only a few skills away from advancing on to the next level. She just can't seem to comprehend that whole 'floating thing.' Oh well.
After only about 10 minutes in the pool, Paloma's teacher told me she was doing great and she would try and advance her to the next level. That means she could participate alone - not needing mom present. Hallelujah! I love hanging out with my girls and having fun with them, but to be quite honest, I'm not all into the 'Mommy & Me' classes. Those are just things they should be able to do alone. Does that make me sound like a bad mom? Well, we'll see what happens.
For now, my babies are looking super cute and super buff (not to mention super tan) in their cute little bathing suits strutting around the pool. They make this mommy proud!

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Tyson and Amanda said...

I got on my blog tonight and saw that some random words like class, work and job were highlighted to link to another page. I saw that your page has the same thing! Do you know what the deal is? I am so annoyed!