Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is This What It's Like When Your Water Breaks

Congratulations to Kim. Too cute. I liked reading through the comments that were left but this title hit me immediately. Thanks all for playing. I'll have to host again soon. Kim - your prize will be out in the mail soon - soon meaning within the next 6 months(ha!).

And on the off chance in case you guys were wondering what Mattea was up to in the Wordless Wednesday post that was displayed earlier - well wait no more. I'm here to tell you she was correctly irrigating her baby's nose with saline, as she has seen mommy and daddy do with Paloma a few times. She said her baby had a stuffy nose and who was I to tell her otherwise. Smart cookie my little Mattea.

Happy hump day everybody. Can't wait to post pictures of how our family spent hump day - super fun. Quite possibly tomorrow after our fun play date, I will get an opportunity to actually SIT and blog. Hope everyone is having a blessed week.

1 comment:

Kim said...

It sounds like Mattea has a little nurse in her! :)