Monday, April 13, 2009

We Bid Farewell...

This afternoon was a sad one - as I type, I am swelling up with tears as we had to once again say good bye to daddy for the week. Dave's travel has greatly increased - but so has the position he has taken and with that the pay check. In this particular day and time, who really has the right to complain.

But as Dave stated as he shut the car door, "It just keeps getting harder." The kids catch on quicker now, they are beginning to truly grasp the sense of time and do not like it, and of course Dave's workload just keeps getting heavier. I purposely did not tell the girls about Dave's travel until right before Paloma's Dr. app. We joked around about how he would eat corn for a week and fly on a purple airplane. None of that seemed to bother either of them until we were forced to say our good bye's. It was almost instinctively that Paloma new her daddy was leaving as he scooped her up in his arms in the Starbucks parking lot. She immediately began to sob "I mitt my dadddddy." Of course, that in turn made me just fall.. fall to pieces inside as I heard my sweet girl crying for her daddy. Mattea was too tired to really care but poor Paloma took it rough. Dave rushed them into the car and hurried off quickly but for much of the way home, I heard "I mitt him, I wuv him. Lett go to the airport."

As Dave put it - it is increasingly getting harder - but we are fortunate to have him in a stable working position and bringing home a paycheck that adequately covers all of our needs. It just kind of "sucks" at the end of the day when that job forces him away from those who love him the most.

We miss you already!!! (and I truly don't even think his plane has taken off yet)


Kim said...

Hang in there--it will make the time you do get together will be that much better! 3 weeks and counting!!!!

Tina said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. You and Dave are such awesome parents and what an inspiring couple you are. I am so impressed by your strength and faith. Knowing you is such a blessing. I know these times are tough with Dave traveling so much and how hard it is on the girls. Hang in there!! (I love reading your stories and seeing pix of the girls. I am so glad to know them. They are great!!)