Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Soccer

This Saturday marked Mattea's first day of soccer. She was so excited but had absolutely no idea what she was excited about. She got some new shoes and a new T-shirt and was told there would be "other kids on her team." That was just enough to spark some curiosity and before long, Mattea was singing songs about her upcoming soccer game.
We were fortunate enough to have signed up for a brand new "league" where the main goal is to let the kids have fun and get exercise. They practice for 15 min before their big game starts on Saturday mornings. The goal - to get the kids running down the right way of the field - and to maybe kick the ball once or twice.
Well, Mattea did great - way better than some of the kids out on the field who spent more time crying for their mommies than they did playing.

Mattea was concentrating hard on making sure her one and only kick for the game was absolutely perfect.

This would be the goalie for the other team. As you can see, she definitely got bored withe activities. Might be because the ball hardly ever made it to her end of the field.

I believe the final score was something like 9 to 2 in favor of the opposite team - but really who's counting. She got some great exercise and took a fantastic nap that afternoon.
Can't wait until next week!


Kim said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad she enjoyed herself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! Hannah and Timothy are playing soccer for the YMCA on Saturdays too! I had to laugh when you mentioned the kids crying for their mommies, because that's exactly what Hannah did at the first game. However, unlike your league, she was the only child that did that! Go figure!

The Fengs

ps Love the Easter card and picture! You are so good about those things!

Jillian said...

Ok, I have a pic of Calia laying on the soccer field crying for me, like laying haveing a fit, laying! Glad to know she isn't SO atypical! Ha, ha! Cute!