Thursday, April 23, 2009

Race For The Cure Update

As it currently stands, I am 32% of the way to meeting my goal of raising $500 for the Race For The Cure. Thanks to everyone who has helped out thus far. If you are so inclined, hop over to the sidebar and find out how easy it is to make your donation today. What an amazing organization for such a lousy disease. Was in this AM and spoke with my primary physician (for simply a routine physical) but he reiterated that my chances of getting breast cancer are 1 in 3 based on family history. But he was quick to remind me that I have a 2/3 chances of not getting it. They will be doing close observation and possbily baseline mammography within the next year or two. Scary stuff. The possibility of genetic testing was also brought up. I urge you - actaully kind of beg you - please, please support this cause (whether monetary or not!) And don't forget ladies - monthly self breast exams are crucial in detection.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad you're Racing! I'll be there with my 110+ team members. (It helps to have a TV station to promote on!!)

Just think...a world without breast cancer. That's Komen's mission - one that's easy to support.

Emily said...

Congrats on racing for the cure! that is awesome!
Btw have I mentioned that I love your new header! so cute:)