Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will Jesus Still Love Me???

Last night I was laying in bed with Mattea completing the nighttime ritual. After reading "3" books, I shut off the light and asked Mattea so hold my hand and say our prayers. In the most quiet of voices, she rolled over and said "Mama, will Jesus still love me if I don't say my prayers?"

Oh sweet child, I wanted to respond with a long in depth explanation about how Jesus loves us, will always love us despite our faults and shortcomings. My sweet girl, there have been many nights where I fall asleep in complete exhaustion without praying - forgetting to thank God for one more day with you and our family. Of course, I abbreviated my answer and she seemed to understand. I then offered to pray for her.

As I completed my prayer for Mattea, she rolls over grabs my hand and says, "its my turn now mama." That is when she prayed one of the most beautiful and heart warming prayers I have heard from her so far. Wow!

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