Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show Me The Water

Today was "fire safety" day at Mattea's preschool. Oh how the two girls have been talking about this day for the past week now. They were both fired up and ready to see the big red firetruck. Mattea even donned her fire hat for the occasion.

As you can see, even the Jr. firefighters were allowed to come and watch. Paloma thought she was pretty big stuff heading on in to her sister's school and seeing the firemaaaaaaan.

Either Mattea was really tired or really bored, but the inside of the "rig" was unimpressive to her.

Of course, it wasn't until the water started spraying and the lights started flashing that the children began ooooohing and aaaaahing.

And that's a wrap - a successful lesson in fire safety. As Mattea was drifting off to sleep this evening, I heard her chanting away in her room 'stop, drop and roll, stop, drop, and roll.'


KLRieber said...

This is too cute!! The girls just keep learning more and more,good for them!

Kim said...

I can't believe she didn't like the fire truck--that was my kids' favorite part! This year, they only got to see the outside--although they liked all the hoses!