Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Very Special Breakfast

This morning we packed up and headed out to dine with the Disney Princesses. Although Mattea and Paloma have only really seen the Cinderella movie, they know all of the princesses by heart. They were welcomed by Ariel who flashed an enormous, welcoming smile. I think they were awestruck because they really didn't have a whole lot to say. Then we were led back to our table and began enjoying a yummy breakfast.

It wasn't long before the royalty arrived.

I'm pretty sure you can sense Paloma's enthusiasm by the expressions on her face.

We did have some tears shed as a result of complete exhaustion, sugar overload, and overwhelming emotions. But all in all, our trip has been a success - thus far.

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Kim said...

This was such a cool experience for them--something I hope they remember for years to come!