Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Whole New Girl

Since surgery, Paloma has blossomed into a whole new girl. Bless her heart, during recovery she came down with the flu, was well for about 3 days and then developed an upper respiratory infection - thus making it difficult to see this whole new girl - but she has finally emerged. Dave and I have commented on many occasions that she seems to be happier and easier to get along with. She is playful, very talkative, and now will giggle at just about anything. She is currently cutting a tooth so she still has her moments, but in reality life has taken a whole different turn for our little girl. She is interacting with her sister more, eating a ton, appears to be gaining weight, and above all else - sleeping!!! What an amazing turn around we have seen already. Her surgeon reminds us that we could still be seeing some residual effects for up to 8 weeks but we are hopeful and confident that God has turned Paloma's life around. Our parental instincts were right and although many may have questioned us along the way, we both knew in our hearts that something was not right with our baby. Although the decisions we have had to make in the last few months have been difficult, we both believe we have done what is right and now can finally move forward. What an awesome change we have seen happen before our eyes. Praise God!


MerrandaVK said...

She does look so happy and grown up! Nothing feels better than KNOWING your children are feeling well and enjoying life. Keep on enjoying your darling little girl. She's so cute, I just love that age of 1-2.

Jillian said...

WONDERFUL! I am so happy she is doing well! Praise God! Your blog is nice you do a great job!

The Jakobson's said...

I could try to give you a little help, but my friend pretty much did my page for me! Tyson would definitely be interested. i just looked on that website and they all seem to be engineering jobs? i will have to get more info from you! Hope all is well with your sweet little family!