Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Personal Space

After nap time yesterday, I placed both girls at the table for some "study" time. Mattea was instructed to practice her letters while Paloma was given some paper and instructed to practice her "art." Everything was great. Mattea was doing good - spelling out her name and her numbers, Paloma was actually coloring on the paper and not on the table.

I was able to get some dishes washed and put away and even do some prep work for supper. It wasn't long though before the shrieking started.

Mattea was bored with practicing her letters and numbers and decided she no longer wanted to use her dry erase board - she wanted to use her sister's face! Paloma of course objected in a very loud manner. She has this thing with personal space????


Jillian said...

OK, second born's really have a personal space issue... but even funnier, you "instructed her to practice her letters"! You are so, Heather. Study time at 3? LOL! I love it! Hmmm, do I sense homeschooling in your future... Merranda, you out there? Can I get an "amen"?

nurseheather said...

ummmm - how about absolutely NOT! you know im not a homeschooling mom - and i am pretty sure you know why???? nonetheless, i do not really want an unprepared kindergartener. kim - are you out there? can i get an amen. for this reason, mattea now knows more spanish than i do!!!!

Kim said...

You are very right! But I just read an article that said kids learn more from just playing in the sandbox and having fun with mom and dad--so don't stress out too much! You're doing a super job, and Mattea is a smartie pants!! No worries with her :-)