Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog This!

So my wonderful, sweet husband Dave sometimes complains that his picture gets plastered all over the internet "without his permission." All in good fun of course, but I gently reminded him that he is more than welcome to start a blog of his own in "his spare time." That didn't go over so well. So now he has been taking some not-so-flattering pictures of me and threatening to post me on his blog (the one he has yet to create). I did him a favor and posted this one of me for him. Why?? 1) To do him a favor, 2) Remind him of how I am going to feel after acting as a single mother while he is away for his business trip, & 3) To ask any other mothers if this is how they feel after a long, exhausting day with small children. Ladies, I'm sure that you can share my sentiment. If I sit down after the kids are in bed, chances are, I'm not getting back up (as evidenced by the above picture). So here's a question for all you moms out there - What do you do when your kids go to bed???


the byrd family said...

wow - this is EXACTLY what i look like around 9pm - physically exhausted and plastered to the couch with a snugly blanket on top. and yes, i stay there until around 11pm when chris drags me to bed because i can't move a muscle. glad to know that we're couch buddies!!!

MerrandaVK said...

Clean up the kitchen then go to bed. Do some blogging, and catch up on my tv shows online because I am too tired to go and sit downstairs to watch TV..

I wish I looked as good as you vegin' out!