Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can I Play With Jesus?

Here's an excerpt from my conversation with Mattea this evening...

After reading a story from her bible, Mattea stated
"When I go to heaven, I see Jesus?"

Me: Yes Honey, you most certainly will see Jesus when you go to heaven.

After pondering this for a moment...

Mattea: Can I play?

Me: Can you play?

Mattea: Can I play with Jesus in heaven?

Me: Yes sweetie, you most certainly can play while you are in heaven. There will be the biggest park you have ever seen and you won't even have to wear a jacket.

Mattea: Does Jesus have flip flops?

Me: No I don't think Jesus wears flip flops but I think he might have a really nice pair of sandals.

After that she began asking about gymnastics tomorrow. It is amazing to me some of the thoughts that randomyly spurt out of Mattea's little mouth. Do you ever wonder how much they are truly comprehending. I guesswhen I sit down and think about heaven, I have never really imagined whether a park exists or not but to Mattea that was of great concern. I dont' think I'm being very clear... but I just sometimes have to wonder where these thoughts are coming from and more importantly where they are going. I so desire her and her sister to have a heart for the Lord. I hope we can continue to have these kinds of conversations while snuggled together under a big blanket in her chair every night.

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