Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Day In Paradise

In case any of you have not picked up on it from previous blog posts, I love my husband!! I love him more than the day that I met him, more than the day I married him. He is a wonderful, generous, giving, and compassionate man.

He is athletic and fun, not to mention cute to look at. He is the rock of our family and a shining
example of what being a true servant to Christ is all about.

With that being said, I just thought I would allow you to get to know my husband a little more. David and I met during the last year of college. Sparks were flying and within two months we knew we were destined for marriage. Without a ring on my finger or any "real" commitment, I agreed to pack a U-haul and travel south to Albuquerque with this man. I begged and pleaded with him to marry me before leaving but his response was, "It isn't the right time." I held out and trusted God that this man wasn't taking me for a ride only to ditch me along the side of the road when we arrived at our destination. It wasn't long after that the "timing was right" and we became married. We bought a house, bought two dogs, started grad school, had two children, etc, etc.. but through it all he has remained my one true friend - the person I go to when I am sad and need a shoulder, the person I go to when I am belated with joy and just can't contain myself, the person I go to share my fears, my hopes, my life long ambitions. Sappy -yes. I can't help it. He is a very special person. For those of you who already know him, I am sure that you can agree. For those of you who do not know him, I hope that one day you'll get the opportunity.

Anyways, so every morning I greet this wonderful man with hair flying in each and every direction, no makeup, day old pajamas that probably have child "stuff" smeared all over them,
morning breath, and a mumble that he tells me is incomprehensible. Granted, he takes awhile to come around in the mornings as well. As we make our way to the coffee pot, he looks over and says, "how did you sleep honey, what would you like for breakfast honey, can i get you anything honey, how are you doing my dear?" I mumble something that is not understandable and then respond by saying " how are you doing?" I am a bit more responsive when he arrives home for supper but the same conversation seems to take place. He will ask, "how were the kids, how was your day, did you get a chance to relax?????" I again probably mumble something that he does not quite understand and continue on with my busy tasks of preparing supper, cleaning up the disasters the kids have made, and feeding the dogs. After about 5 min of realizing I should probably ask him about his day, I then turn around and say "How was your day dear?" His response - as he looks around the kitchen at the mess I have made, the children whose hair I haven't combed since waking up from a nap, the piles and piles of laundry I just didn't' seem to get to, the dishes that are overflowing in the sink, and the burnt dinner sitting on is plate(because after almost 6 years of marriage, I still can't cook) - "Just another day in paradise!"

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MerrandaVK said...

What a great post and tribute to Dave! He seems lucky to have you too. Great photos of him, and I am so happy you have such a great and dependable man! I still remember him in his Outback uniform when I first met him....

I loved the part about mumbling to each other on the way to the coffee pot. That's how it is for us too on the weekends (Evan is outa the house by 5:30 during the week, and I am usually not up by then).