Thursday, April 10, 2008

Potty Time

Am I crazy or what?? My little Paloma (who is not quite 16 months) still can't walk, but we are going to attempt potty training. Allow me to explain. I brought out the potty when Mattea was 18 months and allowed her to play for awhile before really stepping up my efforts. My plan worked and Mattea was potty trained by 20 months. Most recently Paloma has been crawling up to us every time she goes to the bathroom to tell us. She will grab herself and say "pee pee." The same goes for when she has a dirty diaper except then she just holds her nose. Until today, Dave and I have just been nodding and saying "that's nice Paloma!" Well, I decided to clean off the old potty, bring it in and let her "practice." I do not have the energy right now to even attempt to potty train a 16 month old but I certainly won't hinder her attempts. So - this picture would be the introduction of Paloma to her new friend - the potty!!

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Kim said...

Way to go, Paloma!