Friday, March 14, 2008

Where Does Jesus Live?

After saying our nightly prayers, I decided I would "quiz" Mattea.

Me: Mattea, do you know where Jesus lives?

Mattea: On the tross {cross}. (I had to ask her to repeat because at first I thought she said LaCrosse)

Me: Actually honey, Jesus died on the cross but when he woke up after 3 days, he went to live in heaven.

Mattea: Did he drive?

Me: No honey, you can't drive to heaven, it is far away. God helped Jesus get to heaven so that they could be together.

Mattea: Like Larry?

Me: Larry who honey.

Mattea: You know mama, like Bob and Larry the veggie tales. They be together like Jesus.

Me: Ummm... I guess honey it would be kind of like the veggie tales???????

Conversation abruptly ends.

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