Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

My children woke up after an uneventful night and so Dave and I decided that we would venture out to church for one hour of Sunday School. Since being named "Teachers of the Month" we felt we couldn't disappoint. We just prayed that neither child would vomit in public and that we could survive one hour - just one hour. It was a success.

For the most part both children did well - Paloma was so grumpy - but then again what is new? Mattea was in a very good mood considering the week that she has had(see older posts).

And of course when it came time to examine the contents of their Easter baskets - well, each girl seemed to be doing just fine. The Easter bunny doesn't deliver at our house, but they still enjoy a gift or two in their baskets. We sincerely hope that you had a wonderful Easter. Although this holiday was not quite what he had planned, we are reminded that the little sacrifices we make on a daily basis are nothing compared to the one great sacrifice our Heavenly Father made so many years ago.

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the byrd family said...

yay! glad to hear they got to dress up on easter after all! glad the madness/sickness is over - i think it was a hard cold/flu season for everyone!