Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Big Day

As mommy was quietly coming unglued in the corner, Daddy saved the day and provided distraction to Paloma as we waited for the surgeon to arrive. Although this was not life threatening surgery by any means, there are/were complications involved with having a tonsillectomy, especially in reference to a patient of Paloma's age and size. I knew the surgeon and was very confident in her abilities to help my daughter. I knew the surgery was relatively "simple" and she would only require anesthesia for approximately 20 min. Despite all of that, I remained anxious and apprehensive. Being a nurse definitely does not work to your advantage in some instances. Some people have commented that it must be easier raising children when you have a medical background. Quite the contrary. I think my mind played and replayed all of the scenarios that could have occurred and even those in which I have personally seen. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. And after working with the pediatric population I have come to realize that nothing is "simple" when it involves your child. Your own baby whom you gave birth to and nurtured and cared for and loved. There is nothing more sad than to see your child put through anything involving pain and discomfort. As the OR doors were closing and all I could see was the surgeon carrying my little girl and her precious pink blanket back to that cold operating room, I was once again reminded that God is in control. He was taking care of Paloma in every way.

After screaming uncontrollably for an hour after waking up from anesthesia, Paloma did really well. Nothing a little narcotics won't fix. She even attempted to eat broccoli for lunch. What a trooper.

She rested well throughout the day.

Mom - I am so done with this place!!!!

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Kim said...

I'm glad things went well and hopefully recovery won't be too hard on Mom and Dad!