Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anticipated Easter Events

This photo depicts what Mattea and Paloma have been up to for about the last week now. Our family has been hit by the flu - and now that it is here, it doesn't want to seem to leave. It all started last Tues. afternoon. Falsely believing Paloma was feeling better from surgery, I accepted an invitation for a lunch/play date. Not meeting a whole lot of people since moving, the girls and I were very excited. 3/4 of the way through lunch, Paloma decided to "unload" the last three days worth of stomach contents all over herself, me, table, floor, etc - missing my guest thank goodness! That continued until Thursday night when I was awakened by a scared little girl with "really bad breath" at 1100 pm. Quickly realizing that she was breathing 'vomit' breath in my face - Dave and I jumped into action trying to prepare for a very long night. Mattea didn't sleep at all that night since she was up every half hour running to the bathroom. After missing 8 hours of work on Fri, I believed things may be slowing down and the girls were on the mend - until today!! Making plans of course to attend the Easter Egg Hunt at church this evening, attend sunrise service tomorrow, teach Sunday school, color eggs, devour Easter dinner, and enjoy a long weekend off together - we have now decided none of that is going to happen. The Easter dresses are hanging in a closet, the new shoes have been put away, the uncolored eggs remain in the refrigerator, and it looks as if only one of us will be attending church. Disappointing?? A little. It has been a long, hard cold/flu season for our family. My poor kids have had enough - Dave and I too for that matter. After rising early on Fri morning to sanitize EVERYTHING, do every single piece of laundry in the house, and disassemble and clean the car seats (Since one of the vomiting episodes occurred there as well), we are simply just tired. Mattea summed it up best this evening after one of her bathroom visits - "getting sick is just not fun anymore!" Poor baby. It looks like we'll be enjoying chicken soup for Easter. No pity parties here though - Easter is a fabulous day and whether we'll be dressed in our pretty new dresses or lounging around in day old pajamas, you can bet we'll be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Kim said...

That's too bad!!! Every time I check your blog, someone is
sick :-( I hope things start to turn around soon!