Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This morning was off to a rough start - and I should have known it was not going to be a normal day since both of my children were still sleeping at 8:30. I just thought I was lucky???? Anyways, come to find out Mattea is not feeling good and is running a temperature of 102. This on top of the fact that we are still trying to recover Paloma from surgery. Oh well, I had no major plans for the day. After getting Paloma drugged, hydrated, changed and down for the first of her naps, I brought Mattea into my room and settled her in to my bed with the Clifford video set on repeat. Her eyes were glazed over and she sat there shivering while her little body was producing massive amounts of heat.
This would be our conversation...

Me: Can I get you anything honey?

Mattea: NO I'm fine

Me: I want you to watch your Clifford video - Mom is going to jump into the shower

Mattea: Don't jump mama, you might hurt yourself. Be tareful (can't quite pronounce C's and K's).

She is such a sweetheart and even when she is feeling bad - she is thinking of others. I love it!


the byrd family said...

such a sweet girl...i'm SO glad we have girls!! hope you feel better mattea and paloma!!

MerrandaVK said...

Justin would have said "I can jump higher than you!".....the difference between boys and girls..