Thursday, October 29, 2009

School Party

Mattea had her Fall Harvest Party on Wednesday at preschool. Paloma and I were fortunate to be a part of it. Paloma actually got to participate and trick or treat right next to her big sister this year - which was a huge hit. She felt like such a big girl. She is so excited and can't wait until she can go to pweschool.

Mattea is fortunate enough to be in a wonderful class, with wonderful teachers, and wonderful friends. It was fun spending the day with everyone.

Mattea posing with her friend Larissa. If you do or don't know, our family does not celebrate Halloween - which means no dress up, no trick or treating, etc. We do hand out candy but that's about it - and that is because we don't' want to look like the pedophile family on the block. And that is why Mattea is not dressed up and every single student in the preschool was. Oh well, she got over it. It was a little bit harder explaining to her why she would be the only student not in costume but she handled it well - as did Paloma (who cared about nothing other than getting some candy).

Trick or treating amongst the parents. It was a fun day and we have a ton of residual candy to prove it.

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Kim said...

Looks like a great time! Glad Paloma got to participate with big sis! Even though she wasn't dressed in a costume, she looks so adorable!