Friday, October 23, 2009

Flu Update - Part 2

I apologize in advance for any negativity that may appear in this next blog post but to put it quite mildly - I'm pissed. I'm angry, frustrated, beyond tired, and down right done. I'm so sad for my family right now. All three are suffering - some more than others. Last night was miserable. Paloma did not sleep at all - battling a nasty case of croup. I received about an hour of sleep because I was too busy checking respiratory rates, work of breathing, temperatures, etc. I did nothing but pray over my family and watch as they desperately tried to obtain the much needed sleep their bodies desired but simply couldn't because of the flu.

We have moved on to straight up honey - making the kids eat it by the spoonfuls. Their coughs have worsened and since cough medicine is not recommended we have moved on to the all natural remedy. The literature raves about the effectiveness of honey on coating the throat and preventing cough - I'm not sold.

This is what my kitchen has been transformed into - a pharmacy, complete with a daily log of who gets what, when they got, their temperature at the time and their overall status. I think I'm working harder at home than I do at work. I'm certainly charting more at home.

And this would be my poor Paloma this morning who is doing the best she can but her poor little body is becoming exhausted. Here is hoping my prayers are answered today and God hands down a blessing. This is so sad - watching and waiting as my family is suffering and there is not a single thing I can do or a med that I can give to make them better.....


ann said...

I am so very sorry! How awful!! I will definitely be praying for you and your family. Did you guys get a flu shot? We haven't gotten one and don't know what to do. What's your take on it as a nurse and a mom who is watching her family suffer through the flu?

Michael & Kimberly said...

Heather I am so sorry to hear about your family... I hope they all get better soon. I will keep you all in my prayers. If you need anything please let me know. Im here to help