Friday, October 30, 2009

Mattea Moment

Tonight as we were sitting on the swings at the park looking up at the clouds, this is the conversation that occurred.

Me: Girls - look at the sky.

Paloma: Momma - I see a hippo.

Mattea: I see Jesus.

Mattea: There are no spooky stuff or bad guys or anything in heaven.

Me: You are right honey. How did you know there will be no bad in heaven?

Mattea: We talked about it at school.

Me: Awesome sweetheart. What else did you learn.

Mattea: That the streets in heaven are gold(nonchalantly).

Amazing what their little minds are learning and processing. I was so encouraged to be hearing this today because this came after a conversation with a friend about how discouraged I was that Mattea wasn't coloring better or writing her name as well as some of her other friends. Clearly God was showing me all of that is irrelevant. I shouldn't care if my daughter is the best colorer in the class or she spells her the name the best. I should care what is in my daughter's heart and what is in her mind. It isn't as important that she know her ABC's as it is that she gets to know Jesus.

Thank you Lord for that valuable lesson.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, just spent a good 20 minutes reading your blog to catch up. Your family is inspiring. Keep up the great work. Your thoughts about our kids being the best in class--you are right, it is what is in their heart and what God gives them that is really important. Claire is also a very generous little girl and honestly, very unselfish too which is very hard to believe. Wish I could be more like my daughter some days. Glad to hear you are all feeling better too. Congrats on your run. --April