Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Afternoon

Well as the family continues to recover, my dear sweet husband decided to pack up his gun and head off to the woods in search of meat for the winter. The word from the woods though is there is not a bull in sight. Ugh! Poor guy must be frustrated but at least it gets him out of the house and away from all this sickness.

As for me, I hung out and played games, practiced Mattea's writing, made playdoh creations, read books, and cooked lunch with my little kiddos. And was nap time to which both girls went down easily and are still asleep I must add. I decided that I would take the afternoon to catch up on journaling. I used to be a huge journaler - that is until an unfortunate accident back in high school that I won't get into right now. I did start to take it up though when I became pregnant with the girls. I started a journal for each girl that allows me space to simply outline my thoughts and ideas - feelings and emotions - about them at any given time. I have entries of happiness and excitement about their births and then I have entries about frustration and anger - I'm honest. I also started a book reliving and retelling "my story."

I'm sure you've seen them... a journal where there are preprinted questions and it is up to you to fill in the answers. My book is called "A Mother's Legacy - Your Life Story In Your Own Words." It is in hopes of putting to print some of the memories and stories you might not ever get the chance to share with your children. I love sitting down to do an entry or two. It helps me remember some of the good stories from my past and also allows me to share with my kids some day the story of who I am and where I came from. if you haven't already started one, I highly encourage all moms to at least think about it. What a wonderful treat to one day leave your children. One of my biggest fears is that I will be sent to heaven before my children really ever get a chance to know me. Depressing thought and I won't dwell on it or it will bring me to tears. So, I'm off to continue on my journaling adventure before one of my children awakens. Happy writing.

"The beauty of the written word is that it can be held close to the heart and read over and over again." Florence Littauer

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Kim said...

Glad you got a little time to yourself--a few moments to stop taking care of others and do something for yourself. Hopefully it lifted your sad spirits from the past few days!