Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Finished!

Wow - am I glad this weekend is behind me. The anticipation leading up to this weekend's half marathon has been a killer. I don't do well with built up anxiety.

But, worry no longer. In the ridiculously cold conditions of 41 degrees, rain, and wind, I was able to finish my very first 1/2 marathon. This is something I would have never seen coming years ago - even 2 years ago. But with the help and encouragement of others, I now have the pleasure of saying "I did it!"

This would be our champagne finish. My goodness, what else could you want after running 13.1 miles besides champagne?

We are all standing and all smiling. I'm so proud of all these girls!

And my dear sweet friend and her family were waiting at my house with a homemade sign. I have special people in my life who have been very supportive of this endeavour. Thanks to all.

Now, I will wallow in my ibuprofen, drive past the gym, and break my training diet for a couple of days before I jump back onto the beast (Treadmill that is) and train for another. Yipee!


Michelle said...

So proud of you!! And I promise not to look for you at the gym anytime this week. Congrats friend!

Kim said...

Good work all you ladies! Glad that you guys were able to support one another and accomplish this goal together.

KLRieber said...

Congrats Heather!! I am very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Great job! You ROCK! I am so very proud of you and your huge accomplishment! So a full in the future?

~Debbie Miera-Y-Moseley