Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waving at Jesus

This morning I took the girls to an indoor play area for a "Spring Break" treat. This place has an indoor climbing gym, some games, rides, etc. Kind of a fun place to hang out every once and awhile.
Anyways.... one of the games is some pirate game that has a very large, ugly looking pirate standing atop the game. There are flashing lights, sounds, etc. Well, as Paloma and I are walking into the indoor climbing gym she begins waving and saying "Hi Jesus, Hi Jesus. Mama, I say Hi to Jesus." I looked around, confused at first and asked her "Who are you waving to?" Then I looked up at the ugly, frightening looking pirate and realized she thought she was staring at Jesus. At first I thought my daughter was having one of "those moments." You know, one of those great moments where Jesus reveals himself to those who believe in him. No, no chance of that. She had just inadvertently thought the pirate resembled Jesus. Gosh, at least she was brave enough to say Hi. I wonder what I would do if I saw Jesus.


KLRieber said...

I couldn't help but funny?

Kim said...

She is too sweet! Isn't it fun to see how their little mind work?