Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Craft Day

Due to the recent run of sickness, the girls and I have been spending more time at home than usual. If you remember from many posts ago, I stated that we are an "on the go" family - always at the gym, or swimming, or at the park, or playing at Carl's Jr. Whatever it is, we like to be busy. Well, because of the runny noses, persistent coughs, and occasional fevers, we have been forced to slooooow down. So the other day was designated craft day.

The girls were excited - because to be quite honest - I have not done a craft day in awhile. My stash was kind of depleted but we did manage to get creative and make a few things for daddy when he came home.

After the girls got bored with foam animals, shapes, and letters, we moved on to noodles and rice. Paloma actually thought noodles and rice were pretty cool! I tried to incorporate some fine motor skill work into that but she wasn't cooperating. We did get a counting lesson out of it though!

As we are home bound again today, looks like I'm going to have to start getting the creative juices flowing to keep these kids engaged. Maybe marshmallow lessons after breakfast?

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Kim said...

Try having Paloma transfer/pick up noodles with tweezers--great fine motor work for her little hands!