Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paloma's Plug, Questions, Where in the World????

Oh, this will be a random post - but a post nonetheless.

To begin, I have a quick question
Was wondering how everyone felt about the new Twilight series. I have heard many people talk about how good they are and how addicting you become to Edward - the vampire. I myself am torn about my thoughts on them - whether or not they are appropriate and follow suit with my beliefs. But I have talked to other Christians who have read them and think they are totally acceptable. I have started reading the first one because I guess I can't judge it until I have read it - but I would like to hear what others have to say. Is the Twilight series appropriate reading material?

Paloma's Plug
My little Paloma has been spitting out some of the cutest stuff lately. I can't keep up with documenting it all - but surely I'm trying. Here is just a sampling of what has spilled out of her mouth the last few days.

Me: Paloma, what did you learn at church today (as Mattea and I were discussing her recently learned lesson)

Paloma: Me no learning annnnyfing
*I guess that sums it up.

Just today as I caught her rummaging around the computer desk...

Me: Paloma what are you doing?

Paloma: Talm down, me just wooking (Calm down, me just looking)

So, I'm perfectly aware that my blogging break has decreased my traffic into my blog - for which I'm sad. I loved seeing comments from people - both good and bad - about the crazy happenings of my life. I have lost some readers - but am hoping to bring them back. Please know that although I've desperately wanted to blog, finding the time has been a challenge. To begin, I have increased my running effort and quite possibly could be training for a half marathon (haven't officially given the OK) but with that attempt comes a certain dedication. I have loved the effect running has had for me - it is a natural high. Although it has required me to arise hours before the rest of my family, it is well worth it. I have been basking in the beauty of my babies, as well. Taking in the uniqueness of the stage in which my children are at. They are so adorable and learning to love each other in the most amazing way. They have become excellent friends and I relish the relationship they will one day have. Watching them grow has made me a bit sad that Dave and I have left the baby stage and are in the thick of toddler/preschool stage. I kick around the idea of possibly adding another (crazy huh) but in my heart feel like the two kids I have are blessing enough. They are God's special gift and I will be thankful for what I've been given. I have also put some effort into my new home based business - ACN. I have contacted some of you and would love to get you on board as my customers. I'm excited about the possibilities ACN can offer my family and I look forward to the months ahead. But with that has come some time and dedication as well.
So with that all being said, blogging has taken a back seat. I am hoping to get back into it and catch everyone up on my great little family. Thanks to the dedicated readers who have stuck by my patchy period. I hope to not disappoint.
Have some great pictures to post - so stay tuned....

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