Monday, March 16, 2009

ACN - A Great Opportunity

So my fellow blog readers, I know that I have briefly touched upon my whereabouts in a previous post. I have been busy with work, relishing my children and the stage they are currently in, now teaching the 3 year old Sunday School class, being a wife..... But I also touched on my new business - ACN.

I know I have contacted many of you and briefly touched on what ACN is, what services it can provide, and what it can do for my family. I sincerely wish I could have the opportunity to talk to each and every one of you to fill you in on what my goal is, what I'm hoping to accomplish for not only myself but for my family, and the possibilities it has for others.

I want for nothing more than to obtain a customer list of my closest friends and families. I would love to be able to offer great deals on the services y'all are already using and use each and every day. If you are hesitant on what the company is and what it can provide - talk to me. Allow me the opportunity to speak about what it is that our family has become involved in and how we can help you. You can also head on over to my web page - This business has given me an opportunity to get plugged in and begin making residual income all while continuing to be home with my children. The beauty of the company is that it is designed to be manageable, doable, and easy.
If you simply still are unsure of ACN or how it works or how it can work for you, I highly recommend tuning in to NBC on Sun. March 22. There is a "business related reality show" that is featuring ACN. It will elaborate on the company and what services the company can provide. I have never watched this show in my life - heck who has time to watch TV at all - but I will make an effort to watch this particular program and see how this new company is portrayed. The company is confident that following this premier, our business will soar. My hope is that y'all will join with me.

I appreciate your patience and support while I have begun this journey.

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