Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Word Of Encouragment On Mothering...

Dear fellow mom, these are the facts of life for any and every mother.

Being a mother is a commitment, a responsibility, and a calling from God...for a lifetime.
And being a mom is our highest joy and our greatest challenge.

So what can we do? Every time I ask myself this question, the answer is always the same - we can only try to do our best. It's one more way we love our children.

A Mom After God's Own Heart - 10 Ways to Love Your Children
Elizabeth George

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ann said...

I'm so glad your baby is back! Isn't it just painful when they are away? How cute they slept together. We haven't done that yet-I don't know if they would ever go to sleep. Yes, I agree on the Cinderella thing. She is our favorite. I don't have a problem with the movie (no witches or anything) and she is the most modest. Unfortunately, a lot of products come with several of the princesses on them. Anyway, glad you have your family back!