Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wisconsin Trip - Part 2

After completing the first leg of our trip, we were headed off to Minnesota to meet up with my side of the family.

Paloma was instantly obsessed with her cousin Bennett. She took to him immediately. The last time we visited, Paloma was only a year old and Bennett was only a couple of weeks old. They did not have an opportunity to bond - but my baby sure made up for it this trip.

Dave and I were fortunate to have a couple days to ourselves since the girls were excited to spend some quality time with grandma and grandpa. The above picture is Mattea graciously pulling her sister in a wagon all the way to park - less work for the grandparents I guess.

Grandpa helped show Mattea "mechanics" at the park.

Grandma spend lots and lots of time reading and relaxing with Mattea. Well, maybe not relaxing since both days they had huge bags under their eyes when I went to visit. I asked my parents if the girls were "too" much for them to handle. They simple said, "You must really have your hands full at home?" That's an understatement.

During one of the nights when my two darling dumplings were wearing grandma and grandpa out, Dave and I enjoyed a peaceful, quiet dinner with my sister and her husband. Ryan turned 30 and so we decided to celebrate with dinner and good conversation. Wow - was that a different experience than our usual "5 min shove all the food in that you can before the kids throw a tantrum in public dinner."

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Kim said...

I am glad we were able to provide some relaxtion and fun while you were here.