Monday, August 4, 2008

Quality Time

I will admit, today was a hard day. David flew back to Wisc. to attend his grandmother's funeral and he took little Polly Rae with him. I have never been away from my baby and it was hard saying good bye as Mattea and I stood in the airport watching both of them head through security. Mattea kept asking why I was sad as the tears continued to pour down. Originally, David was going to take both children thus allowing me a few days of peace and solitude - but I buckled at the last moment and kept Mattea home with me. We are having fun - no doubt - but oh how I miss my sweet baby girl.
But moving on to a breakdown of how I chose to spend the day with my eldest....After dropping daddy off early, Mattea and I headed out to breakfast, followed by a great workout and then some creative/learning time at home. Matty is battling a cold right now so she is not as fired up as she usually is. She did decide she wanted to head out for family night though (which brought me great joy as it meant I didn't have to cook dinner).

Family night occurs every Monday night at one of the local coffee houses. They offer an enormous plate of spaghetti and salad (the price is next to nothing) and follow it with various forms of entertainment. There is usually a movie playing on the large screen and kids everywhere. Of course those individuals who stop by for leisure and a relaxing cup of coffee on Monday nights are quite surprised to find a bunch of toddlers running around with spaghetti stained clothes and milk mustaches. Nonetheless, our family has taken a liking and so Mattea and I continued our new found tradition.

Following family night, Mattea insisted on stopping off at the local splash pad. Last week Dave and I were unprepared and did not bring bathing suits, towels etc... so this evening since I was much more prepared, I figured why not. I could sit and relax and Mattea could play. Well, not sure what I was thinking but Mattea became bored rather quickly without her sister around and in an effort to recruit me as her personal water target, she biffed it and landed face first on the concrete. I looked up to see a large amount of blood spurting from her upper lip. Remaining calm of course, I thought for sure her front teeth were missing or that she had separated her frenulum. I could see stitches in our future.

But once everything was cleaned and Mattea calmed down, we ended up with a scraped chin, scuffed knee, and a good size fat lip. That's all - teeth intact. Whew, missed it again. The night abruptly ended and we packed up and headed home. As we left the park, Mattea turned to me and said "Mommy, you gonna heal me?" Oh, if only I could.
is currently asleep and I am missing my husband and little girl like crazy. But, tomorrow is a new day!


The Jakobson's said...

Wow! You guys had a fun filled day! It is funny how good freedom from the little ones looks until you actually get it.

Kim said...

So sorry to hear about Dave's grandma. I'm glad he was able to make it home for the funeral. How fun to just have you and Matty! I bet she's having a ball!