Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend was hot! It was great. We have wanted this kind of weather for awhile - and much to our dismay - it came! Since we have been working quite hard for the last couple of weekends, we were supposed to "play" this weekend. Dave still had a million things to do but Sat. afternoon rolled around and the girls and I donned our bathing suits and headed out back to enjoy our new pool.

Paloma didn't like it as much as Mattea and frantically tried to escape every time we put her in.

There she goes again.

But Mattea had a blast - and when the girls are happy - I'm happy. I was able to get a little sun myself, the girls splashed around outside, and David did chores. Sounds like a great weekend huh?


MerrandaVK said...

Can we come and play? Looks like so much fun!!! The weather here will never be hot.. There was frost this morning.

Hansen Household said...

What an awesome pool you got. I love it! We are going to have to come party at your house sometime. So fun to see you at the park today too! Can't wait for those water features to turn on.

Kim said...

What a fun pool! I love the slide! We bought Bennett a frog pool--I'll have to send pictures in the middle of July when it's finally warm enough to use it :-)