Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank you Jesus

Up until most recently, Dave and I have been using "copy cat prayer" with Mattea before bed - meaning, we say something and ask Mattea to repeat it. Finally realizing you has gotten the hang of it, we now simply encourage her to "talk to God" herself. So we usually start out by saying
"Dear Jesus..." and she finishes up. Tonight she had a long prayer list. This would be the tail end of Mattea's bed time prayer.

Mattea: Thank you for my mommy, daddy, sister, sister, sister, Mattea, Mattea, Mattea, Marie, Mr. Lee, sister, sister, Alberto, Debbie, Mattea, mommy, daddy. I pray for my cough, and sister's cough, and that we'd feel better.
Thank you for my sins.

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