Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What is this you may ask - I asked myself the same thing when I unexpectedly walked home during supper time today. I had gotten done with work a bit early (which was nice) but not early enough to make it home to begin supper. Dave was late picking the kids up but said he would "whip something up" and it would be ready by the time I arrived. I knew the children would be tired and cranky and that I would walk into what I call a "dangerous situation." I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to find the kids sitting nicely at the table waiting for supper. Why?? Well... they were patiently waiting for these (see above). Dad's homemade M & M pancakes. I almost wet my pants when I realized this was not a joke but really what my husband was feeding our children for supper. I was a bit taken aback but of course did not verbalize my repulsiveness because Dave does ALL the cooking in our house and I would never want that to change - BUT... M & M pancakes?


Hansen Household said...

You could have fooled me if you didn't mention the M&M's; they look like berry pancakes. Hope they were delicious!

Kim said...

Hey, I love chocolate chip pancakes--so why not M & M ????