Monday, May 5, 2008

Nurse's Day

A friendly reminder to all of you reading - tomorrow is National Nurse's Day - the kickoff to Nurse's Week. Be sure to thank, hug, buy chocolate for all the special nurse's in your life (kidding about the chocolate thing). I am not simply putting in a plug because I happen to be a nurse. I truly believe it is a one of a kind profession and all nurse's deserve at least one week of recognition. To all of my coworkers, friends, and those have cared for myself and my family - THANK YOU!


Kim said...

THANK YOU! Although you've never been our nurse, you've already given me so much "nurse" and "mom" advice! I wish you were closer to take care of us :-)

Kim said...

As a Love and Logic parent might say, this was fabulous! She knows that from her sins, she will learn the best lessons in life! What a cute comment!!