Monday, May 5, 2008


This is why we have children right?? Mattea offered to help me and I certainly didn't pass on the opportunity.
For the record - Mattea dressed herself this morning. The Elmo shirt - that has been in the consignment bin at least 2 times already. Somehow she manages to dig it right back out.


MerrandaVK said...

cute! I was at the park the other day and this little boy was there by himself and was following us around. He told me that his mom sometimes "forgets and hides things in the garbage can, but luckily he finds it for her." I thought that was funny.
Happy Nurse's Day/Week. You DO deserve chocolates :)

Kim said...

She looks very excited to help in the bottom picture--what a face! I remember she had that shirt the last time I visited at Easter--too funny! She must really love it! I love the shades you have up on the sliding window--you never sent me pictures of how all the windows turned out--they're so neat!