Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The World We Live In

I joined a group on facebook called 'Circle of Moms.' I get updates and reminders about my friend's children, articles about being a mom, and sometimes encouraging little memos. Well, the other day I received an article from 'Circle of Moms' that absolutely took my breath away.
The snipit on my phone read:
"Sure, it would be great if you could stay together for your children's sake. But what happens when the only way to end the constant fighting — and hold on to your self esteem — is to walk away?"
Wow. And then we wonder why our society is in the state that it is in. This kind of article appearing to maybe thousands of women - some who may be in limbo about their marriages. Maybe there are women out there who received the same email as I did and breathed a sigh of release - as if this confirmed a decision or feeling they were having. Because, after all, when we find ourselves in a marriage that no longer makes us happy, the logical thing to do is to 'walk away' RIGHT?
I have read over and over and over again that God didn't design marriage to make us happy - He designed it to make us holy. Anybody who has been married for any amount of time knows that marriage is not easy, isn't always loving, and isn't always fun but marriage wasn't designed to be. Marriage is hard, marriage is exhausting, and marriage is frustrating. Feelings get hurt, tears fall, and words get exchanged that can never be taken back. According to the above article, if this happens to you and your self esteem is at stake - walk away. But they never really address what to do if it this situation happens with husband number 2 or number 3 or number 4. See, it will. Any earthly being is capable of pain and hurt. So if anybody believes running from partner to partner will solve things, think again. It won't. I think we are challenged to stand firm against the enemy who is stalking our marriages and ultimately affecting many families. Show those around us what it means to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Prove the statistics wrong and be 1 of those couples who makes it - not one that doesn't.

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