Saturday, March 3, 2012

In My Spare Time

These days I can't help but say that our family is B.U.S.Y! But in a very good way. The kids are busy with school. Mattea is busy finishing up her cooking class. Dave is busy traveling and our entire family is busy with our 14 mo. old foster child. That child is B.U.S.Y in her own little way.
Sheesh, I guess I had forgotten how crazy those little toddlers can be.

But I have to say, in Nov. when i was asked if I would once again coach my daughter's cheer squad, I couldn't help but say "sure, bring it on." Actually, if I'm honest with myself, I said "are you serious, I can't possibly squish one more thing onto my overflowing plate" in my head of course.

Oh but I can't even begin to describe the joy and laughter that our amazing squad has brought me. Both myself and a good friend of mine have the privilege of coaching 10 lovely girls (2 of them being my own!) Each week, we meet for an hour to practice, pray, partake in devotion and above all else, honor God through sports. We have a game every Saturday and are having a blast showing off our skills for our parents and fans.

I love that God has changed my grouchy heart. I love that God has opened my eyes to the ability I have to drastically change lives - one week at a time. I love that God has provided me with 10 amazing little girls that have a passion for Christ and love shaking their pom poms each week.
I love that even with an overflowing plate, God has given me the patience and energy I need to make it through this season.

Go Upwards!

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