Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Favorites

February is always a busy yet wonderful month for our family. We celebrate two very special birthdays - Mattea and David. We enjoy the candy of Valentines Day and we enjoy the time off from school for President's Day. But, best of all, our family looks forward to the Father/Daughter Ball that happens every February right around Valentines Day. This year would be no different.
The girls look forward to picking out their dresses, coordinating their shoes, and getting their hair done. They look forward to the square dances with daddy, craft time, and of course the chocolate fountain that continues to make its appearance year after year.

Truth be told though, the girls really just love dressing up like princesses and being taken to the ball by their Prince Charming. They admire their daddy and the Father/Daughter Ball is the one event where they really get him all to themselves. They instruct me that I'm not allowed to go - just their daddy.
This year our friend Julie came along to make the night extra special. The girls liked having an "older sister" around.

The girls had such a good time. Thanks daddy for taking the time and making the effort with our girls. You are amazing. The girls are already counting down the days until next year.

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