Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Bucket List

The other day I grabbed one of my notebooks out of the drawer to make a grocery list. This happens to not be just any notebook, but my special organic, recycled KRAFT BOOK ~ Unique Journal. Special huh? As I thumbed through the first few pages that were filled with biblical references regarding marriage, I stumbled upon a page entitled
"100 Things To Do Together In Our Lifetime."
Dave and I had started a list of 100 things we wanted to do together while we were married. I remember getting the idea to do this list during our premarital counseling. We didn't get far - only 20 things. I'm not sure if we ran out of time or simple forgot to finish the list but either way, I'm now determined to finish off the remaining 80 things Dave and I would like to do together as a couple before we perish. I'd love to share the list with you(we've actually accomplished quite a few things already) and encourage you to start a list of your own with your spouse. It is never too late. Each day is a gift from God - use your days wisely.

1) Buying a house ~ We did that. In fact, we've now purchased two houses together. One of which was left behind in Albuquerque.

2) Ski in Colorado together ~ not quite. We did ski together once in Albuquerque. I had a blast with David but I stunk at skiing. Not sure if we'll ever hit the slopes of Breckenridge anytime soon.

3) Get out of debt (individual) ~ done, kind of. Looming student loans and an ongoing vehicle loan we are still working on this one.

4) Own a puppy ~ Completed this one too. We own two dogs together. Miss Cora and Mr. Kody!

5) Teach Sunday School together ~ Check check. We began teaching Sunday school together 3 years ago and haven't stopped since. It is really a team building activity that we find both challenging and rewarding.

6) Mentor a young couple. Haven't been able to check this off our list but would definitely still like to one day. When David and I got together, we instantly knew our relationship was different. We wanted so badly to make it work and do it right - problem is we didn't know how. We had no idea what a Christian relationship looked like. We were brave enough to ask a couple from our church to take us under their wing and guide us along a Christian path. They did and we are forever grateful. We would love the opportunity to give back in that same way to another couple.

7) Have children ~ accomplished that one. We have two beautiful daughters. We love them to death and are so thankful God entrusted us with them. The word is out as to whether or not our family will expand in the future. We've always thought God would lead us to adopt. As all things though, we are realizing it is truly God's plan not our plan. We'll keep you posted.

8) Relocate to a child-rearing location ~ Done. That's why we are currently living here. Albuquerque was not a good fit for us. We knew that early on. We always said that once we had children, we would do our best to find a city/state that was more ideal for us to raise our kids - and we did. We love our current home and are so blessed to have the article from Men's Health that lead us here. That's right. We saw an article that said this city was in the top 10 list to raise kids. So here we are.

9) Annual family vacations - Right now they aren't quite annual but we're working on them. I think concentrated time alone is essential. We try to do at least something each summer with just our small little family.

10) Camping in Yellowstone - not done yet but hoping to complete either this summer or next.

11) Missions Trip. Sad to say we haven't completed this one yet either. Maybe someday.

12) Attend a Marriage Seminar ~ We did take in a marriage seminar together last year. Was encouraging. Learned some new things. I think marriage seminars are the needed recharge for every marriage.

13) Read a book together ~ we did this together numerous times as a couple. We read marriage prep books, dating books, etc. We loved reading together and then having weekly discussions on the topics. Obviously since the kids have been born, our ability to do this has lessened.

14) Take a cooking class together. I think this was Dave's idea. I can say this one has yet to be done.

15) Go kayaking. Nada.

16) Run a 10K together ~ We ran the Boulder Boulder together in Colorado prior to be ing married - kind of. That was before I could run so I mostly walked it. Since then, we have run a few races side by side. Dave is such a trooper. He barely breaks a sweat running with me but it still feels nice crossing the finish line as a couple. Next goal - 1/2 marathon together.

17) Go to an opera ~ done, several to be exact.

18) Spend a week on the East Coast - not yet. Maybe someday.

19) Climb to the top of La Luz ~ as a couple this goal will probably never be achieved. This was a trail back in Albuquerque and so I can't see us traveling back to climb La Luz but I am happy to announce that I climbed it with a friend of mine. It took us like 6 hours to do.

20) Eat at the top of the space needle - no go on this one but now that we are closer so Seattle, maybe one of these years we'll head over for a romantic dinner.

How about you - what would be on your list if you actually took the time to write one? I'd be curious to know.


Kelly said...

This is a great idea Heather. Now that Jake and I are completely separate, it would be a great thing for both of us to do. I will keep you posted on this one!

Kim said...

Love it! I think this would be a great way for Ryan and I to start talking about things other than the kids! I will also keep you posted on our ideas!

Kim said...

PS ~ Yellowstone would be on our list, too. If you could wait a couple years, we'd love to meet you out there!!