Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life Changes

There is some very big things happening at the "D" house. As I look ahead at the coming days and months, I am so excited about what will be changing. The last 8 years have been absolutely wonderful, but they don't stand in comparison to what is in store. I have big, big news and I have chosen this evening as the day to share. I hope you will all join with me in accepting this news and graciously provide support as we will definitely need it.

No - I am not pregnant!

I, Heather, have become domesticated. (Giggling while jumping up and down!!!)

Yep, I have decided that although I will never be a Mrs. Cleaver, I am in all my weakness going to attempt to become a domestic diva. I have so many friends providing such good examples, that I'm confident that with a Kitchen Aide Mixer and a whole lot of prayers, I can become one of "those." Do you know who I'm talking about? The ladies who cook Thanksgiving Dinner with their eyes closed, who sew their children's clothes from scratch (not thinking that will ever be me, but I'm hoping I'll at least be able to sew the missing buttons on my daughter's shirts), who always have a homemade dessert ready to go when their husbands come home. Yep, I'm hoping one day that will be me.

I have already started my cooking adventure - I'm starting there as I confidently can say I've mastered the house cleaning portion of it. I have a full menu planned for this week of nothing but good, semi-easy, healthy recipes for this week.

This is where you come in. I know plenty of you domesticated mothers read my blog - you may just read through Google Reader and don't always comment - which is fine. But this time, I need you to comment. Please leave me a message of a recipe that would be worth me trying, that would impress my family, and move me higher in the ranks of domestication. Or if you have a favorite cookbook, I'd take that too. And if any of you would offer your assistance in helping me can my own vegetables, well, I'd take that as well. After all, I need all the help I can get.

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Kim said...

Wow! That is quite a goal, Heather! I've already decided that I can cook and do a decent job when I feel like it, but I'm more than happy to leave that responsibility to my husband! Good luck on your quest--just a couple of tips:
1. (I know you are not a fan of eggs but . . .) poke the eggs with a fork first. That way, you aren't chasing them around the bowl.
2. When baking cookies, switch racks during the middle of cooking (top sheet goes to bottom and bottom sheet goes to the top rack) They bake more evenly.
3. Leave the cookies on the tray after you take them out of the oven. The outside get a little more crispy while the middle stays more chewy.
4. Finally, google Jerry Seinfeld's wife's cookbook. She has a ton of recipes in which she "hides" a lot of vegetables for those who don't like to eat them. I think her name is Jessica.

Again, good luck!