Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

My dear sweet husband celebrated his 37th birthday this last week.

Birthdays are a big deal around our house and so with the same honors as the children receive, David was welcomed home to a big "army" birthday party.
Well, not really big, just our quaint little family - but it was big to the kids.

They thought it was great when we purchased all the camo and decorations from the story. Mattea kept asking "what do army guys do mom?" To which I promptly replied, "you might want to ask your father."

Our original theme was a pirate party but did scale back when the girls saw the army hats. Happy birthday David, can't wait to plan next years big bash - or better yet your 40th birthday since you are one year closer now!!!

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Kim said...

Happy birthday, Dave! Hope it was a great one!!