Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Sweet Sister

See this sweet, beautiful, charming face....
This is my oldest daughter Mattea ~ whom I now have the privilege of calling my sister. My Christian sister. My sweet baby girl prayed to God this afternoon in the car and asked Jesus (and God - she made sure to ask both) to come into her heart and forgive her for her sins. It was an amazing moment - one that was almost surreal.
Allow me to recollect the entire event....
As we were driving to our play date, Mattea was in the back singing some kids praise and worship music. One of the songs led to a conversation about Jesus living in your heart and always being with you wherever you go.
I asked Mattea if she would like to have Jesus come into her heart. She told me she already had - last night at prayer time with dad. But remembering David had never said anything to me about it, I asked Mattea if daddy helped her. She said no, "I did it very quietly." So I proceeded to ask, "Mattea would you like to do it out loud for all of us to hear - mommy can help you." Her response - yes. So at that moment, 12:10 am in to be exact, Miss Mattea sat in her car seat and thanked God for sending his son Jesus, prayed for Jesus to always be her Savior and friend, and asked for forgiveness of her sins. Paloma just sat in the backseat speechless. Of course I began to cry and text David.

Later that evening when David walked in the door, Mattea said "daddy did you get our text?"
Dave: Ummm, yes, I got lots of texts today. Which one are you talking about?
Mattea: The one about the prayer.
Dave: Oh yes, mommy told me you prayed. What did you pray about?
Mattea: I asked Jesus AND God to be in my heart.
Dave: That is wonderful Mattea.
Mattea: What did you text back?

Congratulations Mattea - may I see your smiling face in heaven someday. You are amazing.

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Kim said...

What a wonderful day! That is so sweet! May you bring some of that guidance to your godson and nephew, Bennett and to our little Landon as he continues to learn about God.