Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great Bike Debacle

Paloma's birthday - as you all know since I blogged so much about it a couple of weeks ago - falls on Dec. 31st. It has taken some adjusting to having a holiday baby. Starting in Nov when 3 out of my 4 family members (sister, myself, and my dad) have their birthdays. Then we roll right on into Thanksgiving. Thinking you have a bit of time before Christmas, you take a break but realize if you hold your breath too long, it is Christmas Eve. And just as you are starting to get all the batteries put in the toys from Christmas - poof! it is Paloma's birthday. Yikes. For me it takes some serious organization.

This year though, I asked David to help me out in getting a present for Paloma - usually I do all of the shopping. I asked him if he would pick out her very first big girl bike. Well, with busy work schedules and crowded stores, it was the day before (actually night before) her birthday when he called me from the bike shop. "Should I get her the 12 inch or 16 inch?" Frazzled, I simply responded 16 inch - thinking we had a few months before summer approached. Now I know my little cutie is short, but I figured she'd grow into it.

So that night I dazzled it up with a new basket and some new handle bar decorations. I positioned it just right downstairs so it would be the first thing she saw when she woke up. And it was. She ran downstairs, ran over to it and gave it a hug. She was so excited. She couldn't wait to jump on. And I was excited for her. And then the big moment - she got on (with mom's help of course.) It was beyond big. She was so far from reaching the pedals it was ridiculous. The minute she found out she couldn't even begin to ride it she lost interest and I was crushed. Ugh, I had made the wrong choice. What's a mom to do?

Well, this mom then sent hubby out to pick up the pretty purple 12 inch that I was praying was still at the store. So after birthday breakfast, Dave and the girls packed up and headed back to the bike store. When she got home and realized she could reach the wheels on her shiny new purple bike, she was once again in heaven. And so was Mattea since it was almost as if she had acquired a new bike herself that day.

The girls rode around in circles in my kitchen all evening. I shared in their excitement and watched them ride around in circles until they were dizzy. So, Paloma not only got one new bike for her birthday but 2. Oh well, I'm sure both will get good use in the upcoming future.

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Kim said...

Oh, well! It all turned out in the end and what's a holiday without a few minor mis-haps!