Thursday, January 7, 2010

Date Day

On Wednesday while Mattea was in preschool, I promised Paloma her very own date day. She was excited as was I since I don't really have any one on one time with Paloma. Well - I do actually. But it always involves running errands, grocery shopping, going to the gym, etc.

So we dropped Mattea off and scooted our little bums down to the mall (which I haven't visited in like 2 years.) First stop - Build a Bear. I promised Paloma she could make her very own stuffed animal for her birthday and I was following through on my promise. After being completely overwhelmed with choices, she decided on a very cute little kitty.

She was so excited when she learned that she got to stuff her kitty, pick out a sound for her kitty (she chose the funny little giggles) and then pick out a heart for her kitty.

The fun didn't stop there. She got to bathe her kitty and clean her up and get her ready to be taken home. I then caved and let her pick out a cute pink birthday shirt for her little kitty - whose name is LOLO.

We completed our date day with a smoothie from Orange Julius and a browse around Borders Books. As we were leaving to pick up her sister, Paloma turned to me and said, "mama, I just don't want it to end." Melts my heart. Can't wait until our next date day.

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Kim said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!