Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July Fun

Feeling the need to retreat for a few days, our family packed up the cars, packed up the kids and headed to McCall for an impromptu trip to celebrate our country's freedom.

The girls were ectastic, especially when they learned some friends from school would be up there celebrating as well.

If you can't sense my Paloma's enthusiasm, well, your not looking hard enough.  Ha!  It had actually been a long day and a long drive, but my kids were up for watching the fireworks over the lake from our friend's boat.  It made for a long night but we certainly had fun.

And the following day, we hit up a local pond and the girls had some fun fishing.

Mattea and her friend Payton showing off their trophies.

And who can come to McCall and not stop at the Pancake House for a ridiculously large breakfast.

Paloma was a bit hungry and that is why I only got a half smile from her.

And we finished off the week out on the lake.  Traveling home on Sunday evening, we had about 48 hours to rest and then it was back on the road for our next adventure. 

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