Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ready - Set - Go!!!!

Our family loves the Easter Season. It comes as such a reminder to us of the wonderful and amazing sacrifice that Christ did for us. His death on the cross allowed myself and my family the opportunity to be forgiven for our sins - the sins that we commit despite our efforts to live good lives. I laugh at times when I ask my kids to think of some of their sins at the end of the day and they confess them in prayers. Occasionally, I hear Paloma say "but I didn't do anything wrong today." No matter how hard we try, we do something wrong every day.

To kickoff the Easter Season, our church holds the annual Easter egg hunt. Thousands of eggs are stuffed with yummy candy and dropped into a big field - waiting for all the little kids and their Easter baskets to run out and scoop them up in a matter of minutes. Our family loves the hunt - we stuff a ton of eggs as a family and then head out Saturday night and collect as a family.
We had beautiful weather this year and thoroughly look forward to next year's festivities. Praise God for another glorious holiday. He is risen indeed!

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