Sunday, June 24, 2012

Morning Marathon

It was a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning.  As you can see from my kitchen windows, it is really early.  I grabbed a quick shower some egg whites and my water bottle and headed out to Julia Davis park to run my 2nd marathon.

It was a great start and I had a great first half. I knew my kids and husband would be waiting for me at mile 6 as evidenced below.  It was such a motivator to keep going - knowing I would see some familiar faces.

(Waiting for mommy.)

The course was amazing - and I knew there was chocolate and champagne waiting for me at the finish line...

These two little cuties joined me for the last leg of my race and helped me over the finish line.  Although it wasn't a stellar finish, I'm so glad my body held up and I was able to run it.  I can confidently say that it is a huge accomplishment for me to even make it to the start line let alone make it to the finish line.  Thanks girls for helping mommy stay motivated.

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